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Founded in 1981, KNRC was the first environmental organization to focus exclusively on Kansas issues.  A board of directors from across the state oversees KNRC policy.

Members of the KNRC Board:
Larry Erickson

Jennifer Byer
Prairie Village

Donald Kaiser
Overland Park

Ashok Gupta

Zack Pistora

James Steichen

Rob Penner

KNRC speaks out to:

bulletProtect the quality and supplies of Kansas' water.
bulletSupport sustainable family farming practices that respect and restore the land and the community.
bulletEnsure a competitive energy market where renewable resources and conservation can flourish.
bulletReduce the exposure to hazardous and nuclear wastes.
bulletPromote responsible solid waste management focusing on waste reduction, recycling and reuse.
bulletEncourage environmentally sound industrial practices.

"Health is the capacity of the land for self-renewal.  
Conservation is our effort to understand and preserve that capacity.
Aldo Leopold

As Kansans, we enjoy a rich natural inheritance of land, water and energy.  
Our well-being depends upon the wise use of these gifts, for they are the sources of our prosperity.  
We can no longer afford to squander top soil and fossil fuels or to pollute our water supplies.

That is why the Kansas Natural Resource Council searches for ways to balance our demands with our available resources.  KNRC's goal is to build sustainable natural resource policies - to harvest our inheritance at a rate that assures an equal abundance of resources for our children.

"Economy" and "Ecology" both have a common root in the Greek word for "home".  
When we preserve the integrity of our Kansas environment, we enhance the vitality of our homes, businesses, and communities.

- KNRC in action -

bulletResearches natural resource issues.
bulletProposes innovative solutions to resource problems in Kansas.
bulletLobbies the Kansas Legislature.
bulletMonitors the actions of state agencies.
bulletIntervenes in state agency proceedings to ensure the enforcement of environmental laws.
bulletReports on issues and actions through:
bulletThe KNRC Journal
bulletSpecial topic publications
bulletCreates opportunities for citizen participation in resource policy-making.
bulletSpeaks publicly before a variety of audiences and on radio and television.
bulletHosts environmental conferences and workshops.
bulletPursues citizen lawsuits as a last resort to enforce environmental protection laws.

-The KNRC has worked actively to protect our water-

The Kansas River is ranked as one of the country's ten most endangered rivers by American Rivers, a national conservation group. KNRC has been a vocal opponent of commercial sand dredging that would damage sections of the Kansas River used by nature enthusiasts.  KNRC  has called for limiting the use of herbicides, which are contaminating the drinking water supply and costing cities millions of dollars to clean up before reaching consumers' homes.
Kansas ranks 50th in the nation for surface water pollution under the Clean Water Act, 44th in agricultural pollution, and 42nd overall in the nation's non-partisan Green Index. KNRC is committed to participation in pollution prevention, which is safer and less expensive than remedying the damages.
Feedlots and livestock waste are one of the top three sources of pollution of Kansas' waters. KNRC helped stop legislation to deregulate feedlots.  
In this case and many others, special interest groups are working to repeal existing environmental laws governing feedlots and their resulting water contamination.

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Won't you join us?
As a member of the Kansas Natural Resource Council, you become an active caretaker of the Kansas environment.  When you join, you will receive:

bulletA cleaner, safer environment in which to live, work and raise the next generation
bulletThe Journal, KNRC's periodic newsletter that analyzes current developments in Kansas water, energy, and waste policies to keep you up to date on what is happening
bulletThe KLUE, a weekly legislative update to help you track environmental bills in the Kansas Legislature

Annual Dues:

bulletStudent/ Senior  $25
bulletRegular  $30
bulletFamily  $40
bulletOrganization/Institutional  $60

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Contact Info:

Write us at:

P.O. Box 2635
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Larry Erickson - President
Sharon Ashworth - Program Manager
Jim Mason - Webmaster