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Bills We Are Following in
the 2012 Kansas Legislature

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  Last update: 02/05/12 


HB 2446
HB 2455
HB 2526
SB 271
Water CAFOs Land Use
HB 2096         SB 272
HB 2451
HB 2516
HB 2517
HB 2528
HB 2502 SB357

If you know of legislation of environmental interest that either will or
ought to be considered in the 2012 session,
or if you have any
comments or feedback,
 let us know.
- Jim Mason, Webmaster, KNRC

Make your voice heard for the Kansas environment!

bullet Contact your representative or senator - The KNRC encourages you to personally contact your Representative and Senator and establish a dialogue with them as their constituent. Personal face-to-face contact is always the best, but even an email speaks loudly to them. Let them know you care about clean water, pure air, preservation of our unique habitats and responsible development policies. Let them know you are a KNRC member. Working together we can make a difference.  Their complete contact information - including postal address, phone number and email - may be found by clicking on their name in the House and Senate Rosters.

bullet Call the Legislative Hotline toll free at (800) 432-3924 and leave a message for your legislator to contact you.

bullet If you don't know who your representative or senator is, click here to find out.

bullet To obtain the full text of a bill go here.
(NOTE: You will need to have Acrobat Reader to read the bills.
 You can get this software free from
Adobe if you don't have it already.

bullet Click here to find links for the House Calendar & Journal

bullet Click here to find links for the Senate Calendar & Journal

Legislative Calendar:

bulletMonday, January 9
First day of 2012 session
bulletMonday, January 30
Last day for member or members to REQUEST to have bill drafted
bulletMonday, February 6
Last day for Committees, except House Appropriations, Calendar and Printing and Taxation, House and Senate Federal and State Affairs, Senate Ways and Means, or other select committee, when authorized, to REQUEST to have bills drafted.
bulletWednesday, February 8
Last day for Individuals to INTRODUCE bills.
bulletFriday, February 10
Last day for Committees, except by committees listed above, to INTRODUCE bills.
bulletFriday, February 24 (Turnaround Day)
Last day to CONSIDER BILLS IN HOUSE OF ORIGIN, except by committees listed above.
bulletWednesday, March 21
Last day to CONSIDER BILLS NOT IN HOUSE OF ORIGIN, except by committees listed above.
bulletSaturday, March 31
No bills considered after this date except BILLS VETOED BY GOVERNOR, OMNIBUS APPROPRIATIONS ACT



CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations)

bulletHB 2502

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bulletHB 2096
bulletHB 2451
bulletHB 2516
bulletHB 2517
bulletHB 2528
bulletSB 272

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HB 2446


HB 2455


HB 2526


SB 271

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